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The Home Office

To be productive working at home you’re going to need a good workspace. For most of us that will mean a home office equipped to handle our business life.

The home office can be setup in a spare bedroom, den, or other appropriate place in the home. Some things to consider are:

1) Size - How big of an office do you need for desk, phone, storage, etc?

2) Location - If you plan on having clients over frequently close to the home entrance may be desired. If not you might select a location more private and away from areas of the home that may be distracting. A converted garage or family room can make a larger space where you can have seating for clients and possibly some room for presentations. You’ll be spending a lot of time here so a window view might be a high priority for you.

3) Equipment - You’ll need at least a desk / workspace of some sort, most likely a computer, internet connection (DSL or Broadband is best), phone (VoIP is a good way to go if you have a speedy internet connection), printer / fax / scanner (possibly a multifunction device; either laser or inkjet depending on your needs), filing cabinet and storage, and a good chair. Ensure your desk is at a good working height, your computer monitor is clear and visible, keyboard is nice and crisp, and you chair is comfortable for a good ergonomic working environment.

4) Power & Networking - Make sure your office has enough outlets for power without overloading circuits, and has connections for phone and / or internet available. It may be worth a few buck to have an electrician add some outlets and change the circuit if needed.

That should be enough to get you started in your new home office.

Depending on the type of business you have the above can be modified for your particular requirements.






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